Cat Ki Naal / Kali Billi Ki Jer Price / Billi Ki Jer Ke Laabh Spiritual Healing

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Billi ki Jer is a wealth attractor and keeping it in home is the best remedy for wealth and prosperity.

There are a big description given in Lal Kitab about it. Any one who is suffering with money matters can attract money if has a Jer in home. Cat’s naval is a sacred and auspicious thing which is difficult to find. Don’t forget to do it this Diwali to change your destiny.
What to do?

Take a jer and do worship on Diwali night by showing insence.
Wrap it in red color cloth and keep in any silver box ( or any small box)
Fill the box with red Sindoor and keep it in locker where you use to keep money.
It keeps balance Rahu and Mangal in your Kundali
Its very good for success in business

Keeping more than one money attractor at home is not going to harm us but we will attract more wealth in short time.

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