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Tantrik rituals are very complex and can only be performed by those who understand the Atharva Veda concepts and Vedic mantras, along with original Tantra accessories. But those who are unable to procure original Tantraitems, should not indulge in Tantra practices, as it may cause severe negative results.

In the same manner, if you are not getting original Billi Ki Jer (Cat’s Chord) for Tantrik Rituals (Vidya), you should not try with fake Billi Ki jer (Cat’s Chord), as the effect may create problems for you, instead of getting any benefits. Billi Ki Jer has great significance in getting siddhi or powerful tantric magical power.

What is Billi ki Jer?

Billi ki Jer is a rare product and very difficult to obtain especially of a black cat. Many tantrics use Billi Ki Jer for Tantrik purposes. You should consider himself very lucky if you have found it as it gives success in different arena of the life. Billi Ki Jer is extremely challenging in procuring, but equally useful if preserved.

It is one of the magical secrets of the orients to get help in the disaster, to raise confidence level and improve presence of mind. It blesses one with prosperity, success, acquisition of money, increasing moneys and building assets.

Billi Ki Jer is used for attainment of Wealth, Vashikaran and Anusthan Pratishthaan.Billi Ki Jer is traditionally assumed highly beneficial and used by Tantriks and villagers. But, these days due to its heavy demands, there has been an extraordinary surge in the sale of Billi ki Jer.

People Who Can Use This Product:

    Stock market traders and Stock brokers


    Investors and Money bankers

    Business men and Leaders.

Billi Ki Jer Is Used In

    Vashikaran methods

    Tantrik rituals

    To seek divine blessings of Vishnu puja

    Auspicious occasions like Mohini puja and other Anusthan

Our service

Due to this ever-increasing demand of Bili ki Jer, many online shops, websites, retailers, etc. have started selling synthetic Billi Ki Jer from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 500/-. to their customers. Many long time or trustworthy sellers also started dealing in artificial Billi Ki Jer as part of their normal business. It is very essential to get the knowledge of fake Billi ki Jer smartly marketed by these unscrupulous suppliers.

If you want to buy that you can also buy the same from this money making frauds or any roadside tantrik. But, if you want to buy original tantric product like Billi ki Jer, we are the only certified Tantra item seller in the world. ‘Tantraveda.net’ also energizes and pre-programs ‘Billi ki Jer’ for particular purposes.

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