Matruka Sadhna Billi Ki Naal Jer, CAT’s NAVAL CHORD, Premium Quality Billi ka Jer

Matruka Sadhna Billi Ki Naal Jer, CAT's NAVAL CHORD, Premium Quality Billi ka Jer buy button

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Composition of Umbilical cord (Premium Quality Billi ka Jer) of cat:-

It has some components which build this cord mostly, they made up some different types of components. One of the main components is a Jelly which made by maximum part of Silicon ion.

Another components is a thick and whitish substance, these components cannot be found in another part of the cat’s body. Both Jelly and Whitte substance made by water and some chemical compounds which are Sodium (Na+), Iron (Fe+), Zinc (Zi+), Potassium (K+), Calcium (Ca+), Phosphorus (Ph+), Silicon (Si+), Ammonia (NH3-), etc. ionized metalic and non-metalic minerals mixed with water. Sodium, Phosphorus and Silicon mixed with carbon and hydro carbon bond which is Jelly. Calcium, Potassium and Ammonia mixed with aromatic hydro carbon which is white substance. These Jelly & White substance (which has fragrances) is the most important, which has Magical Properties, which arouses our passion and creates a passionate love. Although vitamins, protein, glucose i.e. carbohydrate and other minerals are presence in the umbilical cord.Although some medicinal or bio-active compounds e.g. different types of antibiotic, antiviral agent, anti-inflammatory agent, anti fungal agents are presence in cord. Mother cat eats umbilical cord quickly, after taken it mother cat live two or three days without taking food.

Why preservation process of Umbilical cord of cat is too difficult?

Jelly and white substance are very unstable. When it contact with sun light, heat and air, chemical composition of jelly and white substances break down within fifteen minutes. Fragrance of jelly and white substance evaporated from umbilical cord. After collection of umbilical cord, it put into a special container and keeps away from sun light and heat. Then air of container suck by pump with particular temperature. Then cord dried by special equipment. After dried it some tantirc article mixed with soluble materials, then cord deep into the soluble mixture 2 days separately and put into vibratory energy field i.e. called Mantra, next dry the cord in container, this process repeated 30 times with same vibratory energy field and above as per size of cord. jelly and white substance made a crystal formed. Then it put with some materials and red oxide (sindoor). So preservation process of umbilical cord of cat is too difficult.

How to use Umbilical cord of cat?

After preserving the cord in the tantric process it should be kept in polythin pouch or in glass pot with lid. Those who are not engaged in business may take the pouch packet in money bag or in pocket. And those who engaged business may take the glass pot in cash box or may be kept in almirah or locker where money is preserved. A light odour of cord should be felt when money transsction would be done.

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