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In this post, I have described two very interesting Tantric experiments or remedies, which are performed using the Tantric item; the Billi Ki Jer. These paranormal experiments originate from the Dattatreya Tantra, which is a most sacred Hindu text comprising some of the most secret Mantra-Tantra Sadhanas of all kinds, including those relating to wealth, enemies and Vashikaran. The first experiment is a simple and easy to practice Indian paranormal home remedy for making money OR Gharelu Dhan Sampati Paisa Pane Ka Totka-Upay-Nushka while the second experiment, which is for becoming invisible to the naked eye is for advanced Tantric practitioners.

The umbilical cord of a cat is another one of the most sought after Indian Tantric items, which are believed to possess magical occult powers. This Tantric item is known as the Billi Ki Jer or Billi Ki Naal in the Hindi language and it is a rare Tantric item because it is normally seen that the umbilical cord, which is attached to the newly born kittens dries up after some time and is damaged. Hence, to procure the Billi Ki Jer the Tantric has to closely observe a pregnant cat while she is in the process of delivering kittens, this is the reason why the Billi Ki Jer is considered to be a rare and difficult to obtain Tantric item.

A simple tantric experiment to increase money or wealth is to obtain a Billi Ki Jer on any Sunday and worship, purify and energize it by offering it Dhoop, Diya and Scented Flowers. Then the Billi Ki Jer should be placed along with any object like money, valuables, property papers, business documents or accounting books. Doing thus the Dattatreya Tantra say will make that object to increase, this means for example, if you place the Billi Ki Jer in between some currency note or coins, there will be an increased inflow of money into the home or business of the practitioner.

The unbiblical cord originating from a white colored pregnant cat is said to be more powerful than other umbilical cords. This type of Billi Ki Jer should be obtained on a Krishna Chaturdashi, which is the 14th Tithi of the Krishna Paksha or Dark Fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month as per the Hindu Panchang. The Billi Ki Jer should be worshipped and purified as mentioned in the first paranormal remedy. Then a portion of the Billi Ki Jer should be inserted affixed in a ring prepared from gold, silver or copper.

The Dattatreya Tantra says that the Sadhaka becomes invisible to the naked eye after wearing the Billi Ki Jer Ring on his finger. The wearer or practitioner in the context of this Tantric experiment means an advanced Sadhaka who is well versed with Tantric rituals.

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