I have heard about nagmani and saap ki mani from a group of relatives, and I believe them. According to all of them, they have seen it, not once but many a times. This happened last year when they were camping out in gujarat. A local reported having seen a snake with a glowing gem by its side. The gem glowed blue-green. So they went to check it out – and here’s what they saw!

In not very thick bushes, there was a glowing light coming from an oval shaped stone and around it, coiled, was a king cobra. Disturbed by their torch-lights it quickly crawled towards them so they had to back-off. They decided to stay for one more night and see it again, after the boy convinced that it will be there for a few more days. They saw it on the next night again. This time the snake remained calm as they didn’t throw torch-light at it. The group says the animal was way bigger than it normally should be and suspect that it was using the glowing thing to attract its prey.

I do believe them for the reason they are 35+ and have never know to lie in their life. In Somalia, I heard old people that nagamani buyers and many people said to me that cobra pearl for sale and jalmani stone are available. They saw huge snake with flashing light stone in the dark bushes at nights and when they come near the light become dim and they supposed that the snake swallowed it away.

If you haven’t been to japan and haven’t seen it does that means it’s a myth. For your account i have seen it and also have seen it being sold to a massive buyer in the price I can’t even disclose coz it’s going to be a myth to you. Until now I have seen three of them for which every piece has been sold in enormous amount.

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