But, I have seen a green stone possessed by my grandmother. This Nagamani she used to cure some allergies with it. That stone was gradually adhering strongly to skin until the allergy was cured.

If I tell you that I have one back at home, would you believe?

Well yes I do have one at home. It is kept at a very safe secure and hygienic place you have to rap it up in some nice cloth. This naagmani was given to my dadi ji some 40 years back by some SAPERA. It was not a new thing back at that time. The saperas ask you to take an oath to help any person that comes to your door, even if that is your enemy.

We dont use this naagmani for snake bites. Naagmani is washed in water, then it is kept on the 3rd eye for healing. But naagmani does not stay for ever. It breaks after some 100 use. It breaks itself or disappears. But the reason not every person uses it the way this one aunty does in our village is that naagmani attracts snakes also. So we have also kept it hidden in some box. I have seen it only twice in my entire life time.


It’s said to be so powerful that you can even conquer the whole world and it will grant your every wish. It’s some sort of Dragon Balls of India. And if you are Religious then you can believe in it. But if we consider Icchadhari Naags some Aliens so we can assume that Naagmani might be some source of Energy.

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