‘Gajmukta’ or ‘commonly known as ‘elephant pearls’ are the rarest existing Mani like the sarpa mani. Unique traits of Gajmukta are as follows:

1. Gajmukta is the rarest pearl as it exists in one out of the many elephants. It is formed from the calcified masses of ivory and tusk of the elephant.
2. Gajmuktas are very expensive and possess the medicinal values of curing arthritis and joint pains and also the inability to conceive, pregnancy, etc.
3. Scientists refer Gajmukta as a divine healer because of its magical trait of transforming the surrounding vibrations and creating silence in your inner soul. The pearl has a cool and peaceful radiation as it consists of the dominant qualities of moon and the elephant as well.
4. The owner of Gajmukta is forever blessed with wealth, wealth, fame and good luck, therefore it was owned by Maharajas in the earlier old times.
5. The elephant stones are most sought after treasures of the world due to its self charging and healing properties.