Billi ki Zer/ Billi ki Nal / Billi ki Jer / Naval Chord or Feeding Tube of the Cat

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Billi ki zer is the naval chord or the feeding tube of a cat. When a cat is giving birth to a kitten, it gulps its own feeding tube as soon as it falls down. It does not allow any body to take it away from it. As per Hindi Shastras, people who put a Billi ki Naal in their cash box grow financially. this mystical object also gives a lot of financial stability.

Suggested Mantra:

‘Om Shreem Ulook mam karaya kuru kuru namah’

This mantra should be chanted 108 times (1 mala) for 5 consecutive days starting any Thursday. But my experience is that you must start it on Diwali on which you worship Maa Laxmi. Ideally a kamal gatta mala should be used for the same purpose. If this is not available, you may use any other mala. Always sit on a red or brown asana (square piece of cloth) while chanting this mantra. Keep the billi ki jer in a wooden box filled with sindoor and keep it in your drawer or cash box.

The billi ki zer finds mention in our shastras and granthas. According to these ancient texts, this mystical object is very difficult to procure yet, it is very useful if it is preserved properly. In order to do so, the billi ki zer should always be kept in a box filled with sindoor (vermillion powder.) This mystical object helps owners in overcoming crisis. It improves the presence of mind, raises level of confidence and blesses individuals with immense wealth and prosperity. it facilitates building of assets, increasing savings and helps in acquisition and accumulation of wealth. It helps the owner in doing anushthan pratishthan and vashkaran.

Earlier villagers, traders, tantrics, saints and leaders of a high spiritual level knew about the merits of the billi ki naal and the benefits of preserving something so sacred. This object is now becoming extremely popular in cities as well. Increasing awareness has enabled city dwellers to enjoy the benefits of this miraculous object. One of the biggest reasons for the lack of awareness is the lack of availability. People who own it keep it wrapped in vermillion or sindoor in order to preserve it. The billi ki jer is good for counteracting the planetary effects of Rahu, Shukra and Mangal. In some villages, the umbilical cord of the male child which falls after a week is preserved and is buried in the foundation of the house. This umbilical cord is also wrapped in a piece of red cloth. The Lal Kitab suggests methods and techniques for preserving the umbilical cord.

The billi ki nal is rare because the mother cat eats the naval chord immediately after giving birth to her kittens. A lot of promptness is required for procuring this object. This object can be extremely useful if it is preserved in a proper manner. A billi ki zer, kept properly in a box of vermillion is extremely effective when placed in the cash box of the work place. The individual should perform pran-pratishtha and shuddhi puja of the object before putting it in the designated place. A billi ki naal is normally used by gamblers, people who speculate in stocks and shares, brokers, business men etc. We will provide you energized which will activate the billi ki naal before sending it to our Members.

A well energized billi ki zer brings assets, wealth and property to individuals. It is also known as billi ki jer or billi ki naal. This mystical object helps in many pratishthans and anushthans. Some of the anushthans are vashikaran puja, Vishnu mohini, durga mohini etc. This mystical secret of the Oriental land of India helps in overcoming crisis; improves presence of mind and raises the confidence level of individuals. The cat’s naval chord blesses people people with wealth and prosperity. The cat which is even considered a magical creature in the west helps in resolving all karmic problems in life.

I myself used it and found the great result ,just have it and try it for amazing result , it also contain spiritual power which help you to overcome all sort of difficulties , a very rare tantrik items.

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