People have wrong idea about Naga Mani or Cobra Pearl, they believe that it is normally found on the hood of black Cobra Snake, but it is not the reality about the precious cobra pearl.

The real thing about Naga Mani is that, Black Cobra Snake choose a highly spiritual magical stone which is very special itself. This stone is considered the gem stone of Naga Loka. It is also called Naga Manikya. Naga Manikya has blessing of Naga gods. The magical Naga Mani has some good virtue as it blesses it possessor good luck, fortune and prosperity.

The cobra snake belongs to Vasuki race of Naga Family. It is described in Brahat Samhita that vasuki is the species of snake of Naga Loka. Only vasuki race possess the real cobra pearl in their nests. Vasuki species of snake is found in Naga Land in India.

Naga Land is the only place on earth that belongs to Naga Lok. Considering the writing of Garuda Purana, this pearl should be got without doing any bargain from its possessor. Nagamani is very useful in modern day life to get success and prosperity by removing any obstacle and hindrance on the way of success.

It is very useful in destroying enemy, obstacles, poverty and gives victory in any field and fame everywhere. Only an expert shaman can acquire nagamani by his divine and spiritual vision. It is a myth that Naga Mani can only be obtained by killing a cobra snake and getting it from his hood. But it is wrong. It is generally found in their nests and their leader, the king cobra guards naagamani.

Owning Naga Mani or Cobra Pearl is considered provider of good luck, makes a person wealthy and fulfils all his desires. Bearing a Naga Mani helps attain devotion, godliness, good fortune and eventually turns anyone in a renowned personality as a leader of men or masses.