The nagmani or ‘snake’s gem‘ is a myth prevalent in rural India – that when a pebble or stone accidentally gets into a king cobra‘s mouth and pierces its way into one of its poison glands, the snake’s poison forms a thick layer around the stone and solidifies as a protective coat to prevent the stone from further damaging the snake’s mouth.

This ‘snake stone for sale‘ was rated as having a rare gem-like quality – with allegedly miraculous healing powers. It was also supposed to bring good luck to those who owned, or wore them! Several Indian folk tales, from various regions, relate how brave young men [usually princes] went in search of the snake-gems and returned with a beautiful princess as well, for a ‘bonus’. Nagmani ka rahasya or nagamani does it exist still remains a question.

Fortunately, people actually found these gems with glowing properties in the darkness and started believing on these fairy tales. Snakes have grown in population and hence started roaming more around high altitudes and mountains and near the rivers, where preys are less and they found a way to attract them by using these gems. From that time onwards, naagmani became famous, more famous due to its healing properties and become rare. Nobody who possesses it is willing to sell. But nowadays, for profits, people buy and sell this miraculous gem.

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