King cobra which lived for more than 100 years spits the vibrating colourful stone with miraculous powers. Anyone who is in possession of this stone will have all powers right from simple erection at 90, as it is not advisable for him to take Viagra, to ESP and other Ashtama Siddhis! Magical powers of a “precious stone” called nagamani, which comes out when a cobra spits.

Touching a stone or wearing a ring with certain stone or wearing a talisman with some stones etc are ways to channel energy into your body to supply it to a certain part of your body. I say this by relating, the reason for wearing the jewellery with, touch therapy.

Touch therapy is a way of supplying energy into the body, to supply it to a certain organ or certain part of the body through some pressure points located on our body, to activate it. Like for instance, to suppress the bad effects of Saturn, it is advised to wear a ring with a blue stone (Blue Sapphire) on ring finger. From all I could think, it’s a way of supplying some kind of energy into our body.

Sometimes, some stones may seem to dissuade or drive away any bad energy away from your body and allows to focus only the required energy – cosmic energy, to work its magic on your body which reflects in your life.

The sun sign and the birth star give quite a good sketch about the person, which includes the physical and mental nature. With that info, it could be said like what kind of energy does that person lack and as per that a stone and a corresponding metal (gold, silver etc) are prescribed which when worn would help channel the cosmic energy into their body.

These articles include info and news about nagamani, about nagamani uses and where is nagamani found etc etc.

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