Pearls from the cobra are sometimes like fish pearls, and they radiate a natural green effulgence. By repeated washing, a snake pearl becomes as lustrous as a polished gem. Anyone possessing such a naga-mani attains piety, rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems.

“Upon acquiring such a snake pearl, the owner should have the rite of installation performed by a priest who is learned in religious formalities. After hearing from the owner how the pearl was obtained and conducting the benedictory ritual, the priest should formally install the jewel inside the owner’s house. On such an auspicious occasion, the sky becomes filled with dark and heavy rain clouds, thunder, and flashing lightning, such as exhibited at the time of universal dissolution. A man in possession of such a snake pearl will never be troubled by snakes, demonic beings’ diseases, or disturbances in any form.” — Chapter 69 Sri Garuda Purana

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