Myths and Wrong Observations about Naag Mani

“It is mineral chlorophane which is fluorescent. Cobras vasuki snake instinctively collect them as the mineral’s glow is like that of the larger female firefly which cannot fly and male fireflies are attracted to this stone. The male fireflies are food of the cobra vasuki snake”.

Now All these are wrong conceptions, created by gemstone dealers so that they can sell their stones as naagmanis. Nagmani, cobra pearl, snake stone are various names for miraculous gem cut and polished by some eminent dealers to be sold in the market having glowing in the night property with light absorption. These pale green colored so called gems are very powerful and have very strong vibrations when taken in hand in meditation conditions. Some also come in black color textured fossil like structure, irregular shape manis. These black naagmani are cheaper than the glowing green ones.

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